Keith Frederick

Independent Puppet Maker & Costumer

Freelance Puppet Designer and Maker with more than 20 years expierience.

puppet and Costume design, Build, re-create, restore  and repair. London 

I have been building, re-creating, restoring and repairing puppets and costumes for more than 30 years. Design, functionality, quality of build, attention to detail,  finish and most importantly communication are the keys to any successful project. Working with you I am committed to realising your vision, where possible, without  compromisewhatever the scale, on time and on budget .

I can produce the following puppet styles from custom design: Marionette Puppets, Rod Puppets, Table top, Glove, Cabaret , Shadow , Fabricated , Carved or Sculpted. 

COSTUME. Few puppet makers can confidently tackle costume for their puppets and often pass this task over to someone else. I have a background in fashion and costume and bring that knowledge to every aspect of my puppet making and exploit the best of many disciplines including  Haute Couture and Artisan Teddy Bear making, yes teddy bear making!     

From a school uniform for a stick puppet to a giant ring masters jacket, from a puppet masters coat in Petrushka to a contemporary style wedding dress for a private client, the high quality of make remains the same for all.

Please view some of my work.

Based in London, UK, I am always interested in and looking for new projects to work on. If you are thinking of commissioning me to produce, design and build puppets or costume and want to check my availability, get in touch.